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W's Brockton Cardigan

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W's Brockton CardiganW's Brockton CardiganW's Brockton CardiganW's Brockton CardiganW's Brockton Cardigan
This is our take on the classic women’s heavy knit cardigan. Like the rest of our Brockton line, it features combed long-staple 2-ply cotton for durability. The fit is straight and to add body and weight to the garments the main body knit is a dense 7 gauge while we’ve chosen a 12 gauge for the collar a placket. The difference in gauge gives a contrast between the surfaces and a sophisticated expression. In addition, the buttons are 100% polyester horn imitation and there is a 1x1 rib roll edge and knit details along the side of the placket and collar. To make the sleeve and hem ribs stand out we’ve chosen and width of 10cm.
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